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Business Mandarin (Group)
[Code: 12009]

Small Group Chinese Courses

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Course Introductions:
Course Name Business Mandarin (2-3 persons group) (12009)
Features The course is conducted in small group.
Objective and Contents The course includes units of Numbers, Introduction of yourself, Introduction of company, Banking industry Chinese, Analysis of financial statements, Securities analysis etc. Our objective is to improve working people’s abilities of Chinese communication.
Course For Adults
Language Mandarin Chinese (Our teacher with help students with Cantonese or English if necessary.)
Course Materials Class notes by teacher (***Students can choose handout either in simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese***)
1.   Students can book for a trial course and join the course if being satisfied.
Reservation Tel: 2861 2821;WhatsApp: 9096 2086; Email:;
2.   Our Bank Details:
Payment should be made payable to "Si Yuan Education Limited".
Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank Limited
Bank Code: 024
Bank Account Number: 383-721-990-883
Account Name: “Si Yuan Education Limited”
Faster Payment System (FPS) ID: 8624819

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